This is hands down my most anticipated book of the year. I started reading the Shatter Me series years ago, when it was only a three book series. It was the first book that I read that was in English, but it was also my first ever fantasy book that I ever read. So it has a very special place in my heart. after reading Restore Me the fourth book in the series I couldn’t wait till this book came out. But was it worth the wait? 

The reason he had to keep wiping their memories was because it didn’t matter how many times he reset the story or remade the introductions - Aaron always fell in love with her. Every time.
— Taherem Mafi, Defy Me

 what is it about? 

Defy Me picks up right at the end of Restore Me, when they're all at symposium. when Juliette and Warner disappear, and the 600 people that we thought juliette has killed. But nothing what we thought is real, the 600 people are still alive and breathing, it was just all a set-up. The Omega point crew is fine, but now they need a place to hide because without Juliette and Warner they are not safe in sector 45.

Juliette is with her birth parents Evie Sommers and Maximilian Sommers, her mother being the supreme commander of oceania. Thinks get intense very fast. We learn more about juliette’s background, on why she was given to the Reestablishment. We also learn a lot about what is happening with her sister. The memories that were erased, memories of Warner, Nazeera, and her family, are slowly returning to her.

At the same time, Warner is being held prisoner. When ever he get food it’s always poisoned so he only eats when it’s necessary. He is in real survival mode, while dealing with that he is also getting his memories back. He starts to remember that he and Juliette were friends as children. They were being brought back together, to then being ripped apart again with their memories being swiped. But it always fails and at the end they’re  always end up back together no matter how many times they  try to keep them from each other.

They’re fighting for their lives while trying to fight their way back to each other. The true horror of all the reestablishment has done comes to light, and Juliette is more determined than ever to bring them all down.


I love you, Ella. I will love you for the rest of my life. My heart is yours. Please don’t ever give it back to me.
— Taherem Mafi, Defy Me

What are my thoughts? 

First of all can we talk about the fact that Juliette is called Ella?! I do like the name Ella, but Juliette is just Juliette for me and not Ella. When you have been reading a series for so long and then out of nowhere the name changes off your favourite character, just doesn’t feel right to me. But anyway.....  character wise Juliette has the best character development of them all  (Warner comes in second). In this book she comes off very tough and strong but still very Juliette, she’s very kind and generous, and humble, understanding. she really grown for being a scared little girl to the powerful women that she is now. For the first time I felt like Juliette had the upper hand in things.

Then we have Warner.... oh sorry I mean Aaron!? We saw a really different Warner than ever before. We saw a very vulnerable Warner, a very broken side of him. Which is nice for a change to see him in such a vulnerable state. At some times I even preferred reading his POV more then Juliette’s.

and then we have Kenji. I loved reading his POV it’s very funny, I giggled so much whilst reading. I love his personality he makes everything so much lighter. Kenji is really important in this book, because without him you wouldn't know what’s happening with the other character, and what happens to omega point. He really keeps the story going. 

One off the things that absolutely gutted me has to be that we saw so little to nothing off Adam and James. Adam used to be one of the most important characters and now we see absolutely nothing of him which makes me sad. I also would have loved to see more of Adam, James and Warner together. I wanted to see more interactions with each other. and that they tell James that Warner is his brother. I really hope that we see more of them in book six. 

for me this book felt more like a filler than anything else. But it’s still a really good book.  it’s really fast paced I flew true this book. Tahereh Mafi’s writing is just so beautiful and easy to read.

How many stars?

I give this book still a 4,5 even if I thought that the book was more a filler than anything else.  I recommend this book only if you read the other books first.

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