For the first day of Romanceathon i choose Birthday girl by Penelope Douglas. the challenge today is the read a forbidden romance. this book is definitely a forbidden romance. I feel like a lot of romance readers have read this book and absolutely love it. but will i love it as much as everyone else.

Birthday wishes don’t always come true, so I don’t waste a chance when I blow out a candle.
— Birthday girl, Penelope Douglas

What is it about?  

its a forbidden love story about a nineteen- year old girl and a Thirtyeight-year old man. when Jordan is at the movie theater, alone on her birthday she meets this sexy older guy named pike, they have a lot of chemistry right from the start when they meet. But then she finds out that pike is her boyfriend cole’s father.

Pike is Thirtyeight - years old and he had his son Cole when he was eighteen, he doesn’t have the best relationship with Cole because his ex Cole’s mother feeds him a lot of lies about Pike. He had no idea that Jordan is Cole’s girlfriend. due to an unfortunate situation Cole gets arrested, which forced Cole and Jordan to move into Pike’s house because they don’t have any money to rent a new apartment. Pike is a great man and wants to help his son. He lets them stay in the house without paying rent so they can save money, the only thing that they have to do is cook 3 day in the week and do household things. a lot happens between Jordan and Pike because they can’t help but feel drawn toward each other, even though neither one wants that.

I guess it’s a better explanation than “this is Cole’s ex-girlfriend who still lives with me and constantly argues with me, and I really hate her music, but look…taco dip!
— Birthday girl, Penelope Douglas

What are my thoughts?

I’m not sure if I like it at all, it wasn't bad but just not form me I guess. I had a lot of high expectations of it because everyone seem to love this story. I did like the characters they were definitely on point but something just was not it for me i can't even explain it. Jordan and Pike were great to read about, I loved that we get to read from both POV. But that’s all I can say about it.

How many stars?

I give it 3,5 stars.