Day 6 of romanceathon is to read a lgbt romance. this is not really a romance novel but it is lgbt related. This one is for the graphic novel lovers.


 What is it about?

Prince Sebastian has a “scandalous” secret: by day, he is the son of the king of Belgium who most act accordingly and, unfortunately, find a princess to marry in order to form a fortunate alliance. But Day night, he becomes Lady Crystallia, a fashionable woman who creates trends and is the light of any event. 

All thanks to Frances, Sebastian’s new dressmaker who can transform a boring fabric into a magic dress. Frances knows the prince’s secret, but she is  the only one, and that is how it shall remain, or else he might lose this side of him forever. After all, who wants a prince who wears dresses? 

My whole life is other people deciding what’s acceptable. When I put on a dress, I get to decide what’s silly.
— The Prince And The Dressmaker, Jen Wang

What are my thoughts?  

This graphic novel is just so adorable. This is a perfect fairytale with a twist about it. The art in this book look very lush and royal, yet still very childish. It’s a perfect read for teens and adults.  What I love about this graphic novel is the message behind it. It doesn’t matter what gender you are if you like dresses you like dresses. 

Personally I’m just not the biggest fan of graphic novels. This novel feels more like a middle grade story than a young adult novel. Also it was a bit to adorable for my liking, but that is just me.   

When I first learned the truth, I thought Sebastian’s life would be ruined. But seeing you, I realized everything would be fine. Because someone still loved him.
— The Prince And The Dressmaker, Jen Wang

How many stars?

I give it 3,0 stars. 

My younger self would absolutely love this novel.