This week I thought I would do something different than I normally do. I will take part in my first Readathon. Two of my favourite Booktubers Gabbyreads & webebook’n hosting Romanceathon.

What is a Romanceathon?

Well it’s a Readathon All about Romance, which is my favourite genre. It’s from the 17 of June till the 23 of June. Every day there will be a challenge, in total there are 7 challenges for every day one. 

 Normally you will read one book a day that fit the challenge. But I’m going do it a bit different. So every day there will be a blogpost online for one week long, with a review of one of the books that I chosen that fit with the challenge. I have made a list of every day and the challenge that goes with it. 


Day one: read a forbidden romance. 


Day two: read a new adult romance.  


Day three: read a romance book with pink on the cover.  


Day four: read a romance released in 2019.  


Day five: read a romance book with a man on the cover.  


Day six: read an LGBT romance.  


Day seven: read 7 romance books.  


 Definitely keep an eye on my blog for the rest of the week if you interested to see which books I choose to review. starting tomorrow Monday June 17th.